Offline (Applications) for the Building & Construction Industry

MIS has also developed some offline Applications for the Building and Construction Industry that we can provide under license to provide Software-as-a-Service subscription Services.

Project Cost Control

An application that provides full calculation capability in the preparation of Payment Certificates, Recovery, Notification and Advice Statements. For Main and Subcontractors, including QS Valuation Statements, Cost and Budget reports. All saved on a Project and
Certificate basis.


An application that calculates Contract Price Adjustment Provisions for fluctuating price Contracts

Project Profile

An application that enables members of a Project Team to create and maintain a Project Web Site. No programming experience being necessary.

KWIKfeas - project feasibility calculator

An application which facilitates the preparation of financial feasibility studies for property developments for rental, sale or mixed.

KWIKest - Estimator

An application to prepare building cost estimates incorporating elemental cost analysis, bill of quantities, rate build-ups, construction cash flows, progress payments etc.

KWIKview - Property Valuer

An application for the valuation of income producing properties, using various valuation methods and investment criteria.

KWIKtariff - Professional Tariff calculator

An application which calculates and sets out the recommended tariffs for professional services for the various consultants.