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About Us

Multimedia Information Service (Pty) Ltd. (MIS)

Your Online Technology partner

A company developing, selling and licensing online cloud-based Platforms and Systems designed to increase a User’s productivity
within specific industries. In particular, the Building and Construction industries.

A company assisting licensees to develop, market and administer Services based on the Licensed Platforms and Systems.


To sell and licence cloud-based Platforms / Systems developed by COD in order for companies to develop Services for their own Industries based on them.

To improve online working and productivity.

To assist businesses that use the online Services, to enhance productivity, increase profitability and reduce risk in those industries that they serve.


To assist Clients to develop profitable businesses based on MIS technology relative to:

To make available both Nationally and Internationally, licenses for the use of these cloud-based online Platforms / Systems and their computer code, as developed by MIS and to support this with the availability of associated Business Development Material & Training activities in assisting them to offer online Services based on these Systems.


The Building & Construction industries in English-speaking countries.

Core Values


Our Platforms promote user productivity. This is defined as the ratio of a business or an individual’s OUTPUTS divided by INPUTS.

P = O/I 1/1 = P = 1 1/0.8 = 1.25


Our four cloud-based Platforms can be applied separately, however the Systems within them and the Platforms themselves have been designed to work in an integrated way providing synergy in their application.

How can we assist you?

MIS can provide you with online Platforms and Systems, under Licence to enable you
to create and market Services for your own market / industry, at low cost to you,
whilst taking advantage of a wealth of experience and expertise to assist in making
your new business a financial success.

Principals of the business

Adrian Michie

Adrian is a qualified Building Engineering Service / Mechanical Engineer with management qualifications and experience in Consulting and Contracting. In recent years he has specialized in the development of electronic services with the delivery of information via ITC systems. He has also worked for Research and Information organizations including the Building Services Research & Information Association (BSRIA) UK and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) RSA.

Cliff Hayim

Cliff is a qualified registered and practicing Quantity Surveyor with experience in various property fields including developing a range of software applications used by the industry as a whole. He also lectures at WITS University RSA.

Why do you need our Online Platforms?

Our online Platforms and Systems have evolved from user experience and  incorporate best practice and the latest technology.
They are also unique in the integrated facilities that they provide.

The online Platforms made up of online integrated systems enable the following:

User Interfaces

The only software that the User needs to use the services based on our platforms is a Web Browser and the Adobe Acrobat Reader

Updating and enhancing the Platforms

As part of the sale or licence MIS would copy the code of the Platform(s) onto your secure Server and then update and enhance the Platforms over time, if required.

Implementation Assistance Service

Together with the sale or Licensing of our online Platforms we can provide to our Clients the following:

Business Development and marketing assistance

Business development and marketing advice including the provision of model Brochures etc.

Example Current Platform Applications

An example of an integrated Online Service using MIS’s integrated Platforms / Systems and marketing acumen is the Service called ‘e-CLOUD Construction’, developed for the South African Building & Construction Industry.

Click HERE to see.