Online Advertising & Promotion

This Platform provides systems for the inclusion of revenue earning advertising and promotion within the Services developed on the other Platforms. They are as follows:

Electronic Marketing Maximizer System

Enables the online development and strategic placing of 'Active Banners' that interface with an advertisers Website, Social media sites, and provide a facility to communicate with the advertisers via SMS, e-mail and Skype etc. it enables:


'Active Banners' can be placed on any webpage. To see a live example of an ‘Active Banner’ click on the banner above

A4 Colour Electronic Advertising Pages with embedded 'Active Banner'

Enables the insertion of A4 Colour Advertising Page(s) within specific Contracts and Agreements that are available to purchase through the Document Access Services. The Advertisement has the ability to embed an 'Active Banner' for readers to respond online, directly to the advertisers company.

A4 Colour Branded Advertisement System

Enables the insertion of a Company's own 'Branded ' Advert in a Document that the company purchases.

CPD On-Demand Voucher Purchase System

The systems allows Companies to purchase online, Vouchers for their potential Clients, as marketing gifts or gifts to their staff